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A new addition to my journey!

I just made a big decision to become a beach body coach- check out my health journey at my other blog WhatPlan

I posted it there instead of here on accident! 😀

I’m finally ready

I had to get my head and my heart to a place of clarity before I could truly be successful in this fitness journey. All my start overs just meant I wasn’t 100% committed. I was mentally where I needed to be in order to be committed. 

I think I’m finally there.

They say it takes 21 days to make a change.

21 day fix is a GREAT program. If you don’t know how to eat proper portions/ proper nutrition. If you don’t know how to circuit and interval change. This program is PERFECT for you. I have come to the ultimate realization that I’m not a program kind of girl. I love the workouts- I utilize them. I feel trapped in a program. I grown bored of the same routine. I lost interest. Then I lose motivation and BAM there goes progression. It makes me a YoYo girl. I want to make that lifestyle change. I am finally feeling the most centered emotionally that I have in a long time and I am personally ready to be that person on the outside that I am inside.

The Plan:

I am utilizing p90x- 21 day fix- Nike Training Club- an above ground pool- and the good old fashioned run. 

I will update every week on my progress right here on this blog & if you want to follow me daily you can at 1mileatatime on instagram where I post everything I put in my mouth & each workout daily! 

I worked out every day consistently for a week. 😀 that is HUGE for me. I also lost 20lbs!
A friend of mine set a really good example. She doesn’t socialize at ALL until she’s worked out. I was always so worried about missing out on plans that I would throw out an unfinished workout to be with friends or a boyfriend. Well no more. 

Here’s my general plan of action:

M- Total Body workout
Tu- Upper Body workout – focus on arms
W- Lower body workout- focus on legs
Th- Pilates
F-  Back and Booty Day
St- Full Body Cardio
Sun- Free choice

I will run 4-5 times a week alternating weeks
I will try to get pool time in as often as possible

The Food: 

My dietary plan is simple. Moderation NOT Deprivation.

 I’m GREAT at being able to take bite or two of something and walking away. 
This makes me lucky I know. I’m making smarter choices. Making smarter swaps.

Food is fuel for my body- I must treat it as such. 

SO first week is down and I have gone from 159 pounds to 154- That is 5 pounds down. 
It may be water weight- I don’t care. My clothes are already fitting more comfortably.
I can see those hip bones again that I missed. 

The Goal:

To knock off 20 pounds total- and get back to 140
To fit back into my size 6 by the time fall stats back- because my wardrobe is too cute to not be worn
To tighten and tone this body into that it is most capable of.

This time I’m ready. This time I’m going to do it- and stick with it. 

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